StarUML 5.02

An open source project to develop UML/MDA platform running on Win32's platform.

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows NT

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    6.5 (144)
StarUML 5.02

StarUML is a piece of free modeling software that is exceptionally advanced and not suitable for novices. Like most other software varieties, modeling software comes in a vast range of qualities, with examples like Google SketchUp populating the basic end. StarUML, on the other hand, is a more complex piece of software that would easily fall on the opposite end of the spectrum. Of course, since the software is free, it is highly appealing for those who want to learn how to create models. If you can devote the time to master the software, you'll be able to get it to perform in some spectacular ways that are clearly professional.

What makes StarUML different from the rest is the Model Driven Architecture, or MDA technology. This technology helps the user create some exceptionally advanced models. This is due to the fact that MDA technology is able to deal with a high number of variable that can be customized. For instance, it can be customized with different UML profiles, MDA code, document templates, Model Framework, Approach, and notation extensions.

Another excellent feature of the software is that it can be expanded with plugins easily and efficiently. StarUML contains powerful but simple architecture for plugins since the developers were aware of the fact that most digital modeling professionals want to be able to take advantage of plugins from third party sources. According to the developers of the software, plugin modules can be created and implemented in all languages that are COM-compatible. These include languages like VB, C++, C#, and Delphi.

One of the simpler tools that many developers will enjoy in this software is the Diagram overview functionality. This function gives you the ability to view the entire model you've designed before you finalize the project. There aren't many free modeling tools on the market with this sort of power. Unfortunately, only the most seasoned modeling professionals will be able to glean any real value from the software. Of course, if you are part of a design group that needs modeling software, and you have access to developers who can create your own plugins to customize the software even further, it can be one of the best modeling tools available anywhere, free or paid.

Those who are running a solo operation might have some trouble taking full advantage of this software. It would be possible to create your own personal plugins in order to get the most from this software, but that would take quite a bit of advanced knowledge that the average amateur digital modeler isn't going to have. However, since the software is completely free, it wouldn't hurt to download it so you can see what sort of tools you'll be using once you master the controls. StarUML is the ideal digital modeling tool for Windows.


  • Totally Free
  • Plugin Creation
  • Professional Model Production


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Some Programming Knowledge Required

Usually, two types of modeling software are available on the Internet. The first type is easy and simple for beginners to use. The other type of modeling software is designed for professionals who understand how to program and reap the benefits from a complex-modeling environment. StarUML is the type of modeling software that professionals will find helpful and beginners will find complex. Once the software is mastered though, it can create incredibly complex modeling that's required for certain applications.

StarUML was designed with many key resources that give it the ability to create modeling masterpieces. Customization variables for the software include UML profiles, Model Framework, Approach, document templates, MDA code and NX. Developers will be happy to discover that StarUML is also compatible with plugins. The creators of StarUML realized that third-party plugins are often used and integrated into a thorough modeling environment and made sure to incorporate this aspect into the capabilities of the software. StarUML is equipped with a convenient plugin architecture that allows for maximum integration, and it gives developers the capability to use the software with computer languages such as Delphi, C#, C++ and VB.

To assist with the creation of models, the software includes a Diagram overview on the interface that gives users a view of the model that they are creating before it's completed.

There is a steep learning curve for anyone who has never worked with modeling software, but experienced developers will find StarUML to be an extremely powerful application that allows them to interact with plugins.


  • Gives experienced users the ability to create plugins
  • Free to download
  • Sophisticated modeling results can be created with this free professional software


  • Complex and not appropriate for beginners
  • Programming expertise is required to incorporate plugins

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